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 [description] Bumc.

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Number of posts : 1
Age : 28
Land : Slovenia
Spoken Languages : Slovenian, English
How did you discover the board ? : On one forum.
Registration date : 2009-01-28

[description] Bumc. Empty
PostSubject: [description] Bumc.   [description] Bumc. Icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2009 12:25 pm

    I DE N T I T Y

First name : Karen
Age : 13 years
Nationality : Slovene
Qualities : 3 at least
Defects 3 at least
Spoken languages : Slovenian, English (not much :D )

    L I K E S & D I S L I K E S

Hobbies : singing, playing the guitar
Music style : rock, Tokio Hotel
Favourite book : slo: Zeleno jezero (eng.: Green Lake)
Favourite sport : i don't like sports. (:
Favourite movie : Click
Hates :

    C H I N E S E . P O R T R A I T

If I was an objet, I would be :
If I was a season, I would be :
If I was a meal, I would be :
If I was an animal, I would be :a rabbit
If I was a song, I would be :
If I was a color, I would be : blue
If I was a legend, I would be :
If I was a place, I would be :
If I was a language, I would be : Slovenian
If I was a fruit, I would be : water lemon

    T E L L . M O R E

I come from Slovenia. Slovenia lies right from Italy, in Europe.
I can't speak English much. I hope you understand me.[description] Bumc. 343776
I learn english 4 years. I live in capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
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[description] Bumc.
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